Online Demonstration

Online Demonstration



Reditype is a loosely integrated CMS framework which provides a range of common website management tools. Its aim is to be selective in its features, giving it the ability to provide the most simple user experience.

So what can you expect to do when managing a Reditype powered site.

General Site Content

Site builder

Reditype provides a site management toolkit which makes building your website a simple task which takes seconds. Of course all the regular site features are available, like:

  • hierarchical or nested pages,
  • drag-and-drop pages, and,
  • collapsible navigation menus

Blogging and Posts


Reditype provides a blogging tool to keep your visitors up-to-date with news, and involved with commenting. Spam and comment abuse is prevented by solid administrative tools.

Wiki and Company Intranets


Reditype has a range of features to provide teams with corporate information and documents via secure intranets. A flexible and simple Wiki feature is included in Reditype to help provide internal collaboration.

E-commerce engine


Reditype contains a fully featured and integrated e-commerce engine to drive your e-business website. A simple administration interface useful management tools means running your shop isn’t a chore. And with payment gateway and postage quote built in to the system, getting your business online is quick and easy.

  • hierarchical or nested categories,
  • payment integration,
  • powerful product management tools.

SEO Compatibility

Reditype speaks to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing in a way that makes sense to them. With support for meta-data like keywords and descscriptions, Dublin Core and web standards compliant (XML and CSS) layouts, you can publish website in search engine friendly way.

In addition to well-formed content - Reditype also supports site maps. These provide search engines with an map of a website of all pages in your website. Reditype includes a full run-down of your posts, site pages and wiki pages for efficient and complete indexing by search engines.

Flexible Licensing

We have released the Reditype code under the an MIT, open-source style license. That means you can use Reditype for free without the worry of vendor lock-in. With an open-source ethos, we encourage people to get full access to our code. Please read our license in full to for further details.

Content Versioning

Mistakes will always happen, so Reditype uses a simple and effective versioning system to record changes made to your pages, providing a simple mechanism to roll those changes back if needed.